Registration Procedure

In order to register for the symposium, please send the following information ​to “”. The contact information, photo and abstracts will be included in the Reunion Symposium booklet.

  1. Name, title, institution, complete address, phone & fax numbers and e-mail address.
  2. A photo of yourself (electronic version).
  3. Two abstracts: (i) the first should relate to your current research interests or career involvements and (ii) the second should be about the research that you carried out while you were in the Steitz lab.
  4. Please indicate your chosen method of payment: (i) personal / cashier’s check or (ii) Paypal (see below for more information).

In addition, please indicate whether your institution requires an official confirmation of your symposium registration for reimbursement purposes.

Registration Fee

The symposium registration fee of USD $75.00 (+ USD $50.00 for accompanying guest) is payable as follows:

  1. Personal or Cashier’s Check
    Please make a check payable in USD to “The Steitz Reunion Symposium” and send to:

    Steitz Reunion Symposium
    c/o Peggy Eatherton
    Yale University
    Dept. of Mol. Biophys. and Biochem.
    266 Whitney Avenue, Bass 418
    P.O. Box 208114
    New Haven, CT 06520-08114

  2. PayPal