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Center for Structural Biology 
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Structural studies of initiation of protein synthesis in eukaryotes


The atomic structures of the small 30S ribosomal subunit from the thermophile bacterium Thermus thermophilus (1) and the large 50S ribosomal subunit from the halophile archaebacterium Haloarcula marismortui (2) provided enormous impact on our understanding of the general mechanism of the protein synthesis. This mechanism is most likely the same between prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms due to the evolutionary conservation of rRNA and ribosomal proteins. However, eukaryotic rRNA is larger and each ribosomal subunit has more proteins then its prokaryotic counterpart. These structural differences reflect more complicated mechanism of ekaryotic translation. They are especially pronounced at the initiation stage. Translation initiation in eukariotes requires more then 12 protein factors (only 3 in prokaryotes) and utilizes the “cap” structure on the 5’-end of mRNA (3). To start protein synthesis small 40S ribosomal subunit scan 5’- untranslated region of mRNA to find initiation AUG codon – process that is unique for eukaryotic organisms (4). We are using X-ray crystallography to find how these functional differences correlate with structural properties of eukaryotic ribosomes.

Papers relating to this work:

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Structure of yeast fatty acid synthase

We have now determined the atomic structure of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae fatty acid synthase (FAS) derived from two crystal forms of the enzyme that were obtained by a fortuitous accident. While attempting to crystallize the yeast 40S ribosomal subunit, we obtained instead these crystals of FAS, which cosediments at 40S with the small ribosomal subunit.


In yeast, the whole metabolic pathway for making 16- and 18-carbon fatty acids is carried out by fatty acid synthase, a 2.6 megadalton molecular-
weight macromolecular assembly containing six copies of all eight catalytic centers. Wehave determined its crystal structure, which illuminates how this enzyme is initially activated and then carries out multiple steps of synthesis in each of six sterically isolated reaction chambers. Six of the catalytic sites are in the wall of the assembly facing an acyl carrier protein (ACP) bound to the ketoacyl synthase domain. Two-dimensional diffusion of substrates to the catalytic sites may be achieved by the electrostatically negative ACP swinging to each of the six electrostatically positive catalytic sites. The phosphopantetheinyl transferase domain lies outside the shell of the assembly, inaccessible to ACP that lies inside, suggesting that the attachment of the pantetheine arm to ACP must occur before complete assembly of the complex.



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